MUSIC: The Answer By Jeremy Camp [Audio + Video]

The Answer By Jeremy Camp

The Answer By Jeremy Camp
The Answer By Jeremy Camp

New Single from JEREMY CAMP, titled “The ANSWER”

Throughout his 15-year career, Capitol CMG artist Jeremy Camp has established himself with landmark accolades. He has sold 4.5 million albums including four RIAA Gold-certified albums, a RIAA Multi-Platinum long-form video and a Gold-certified digital single (“There Will Be A Day”). At radio, Camp is recognized as a staple artist with 38 No. 1 radio hits across all formats spending more than 175 weeks at No. 1 at radio in his career.
His awards and nominations comprise of a GRAMMY®-nominated project, three American Music Award nominations, four ASCAP Songwriter of the Year awards, an ASCAP Song of the Year award, and five GMA Dove Awards including two-time Male Vocalist of the Year and New Artist of the Year awards. Camp was named in Billboard’s Christian Artist of the Decade chart (No. 2) as well as five songs listed in the Top 50 Billboard Christian Songs of the Decade.
Adding author to his name, Camp penned his first book and autobiography, I Still Believe (2013, Tyndale). In 2013, Jeremy founded Speaking Louder Ministries, which provides free crusade-style events and comes alongside local churches or missionaries in the countries where the Gospel needs to be heard. Locations of Speaking Louder Ministries’ trips so far include Ukraine, Japan, India, Uganda, Guatemala and Kyrgyzstan.

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The Video That Will Change Your Future. One of the BEST MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS EVER.

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This one is just to thank God for saving us from the recent car crash we survived. A lot have gone but we are still here. If you are reading this then you need to say an amen cause you are alive. Download and relate your story.



Music: I Will Be Your Friend By Sensational Bamidele

I Will Be Your Friend By Sensational Bamidele

I Will Be Your Friend By Sensational Bamidele
I Will Be Your Friend By Sensational Bamidele

Sensational Bamidele the gyration master is here with a great single “I Will Be Your Friend”

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EWI RENDITION By Pastor E. A Adeboye RCCG 2017

Ewi Rendition By Pastor E. A Adeboye

Ewi Rendition By Pastor E. A Adeboye
Ewi Rendition By Pastor E. A Adeboye

Pastor E. A Adeboye – Ewi Rendition @ RCCG Convention 2017. A powerful 30minutes “Ewi” rendition by the General Overseer (World Wide) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Download this ministration and share with friends.

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I’m Getting Ready By Tasha Cobbs Leonard Ft. Nicki Minaj

I’m Getting Ready By Tasha Cobbs Leonard Feat Nicki Minaj

I’m Getting Ready By Tasha Cobbs Leonard Feat Nicki Minaj
I’m Getting Ready By Tasha Cobbs Leonard Feat Nicki Minaj

Tasha Cobbs Leonard‘s much-talked-about track ‘I’m Getting Ready‘ featuring Hip-hop star, Nicki Minaj, is now available for FREE download and streaming on all digital outlets.

The 8-minute uplifting track appears on Tasha Cobbs’ latest album Heart. Passion. Pursuit., which dropped Friday. The album also includes features by Kierra Sheard, William Murphy, Jimi Cravity and Anna Golden.

I want to take a moment to appreciate my friend @nickiminaj!!! Thank you for shouting your praise for the world to hear and for putting your love for God on display! Thank you for lending your gift to this album! As I tell you often, I’ll say it for the world to hear… I will forever cover you in prayer! Many will be blessed and have an authentic God encounter because of the stand you chose to make with this record and THAT is all that matters!!!  

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Bishop Oyedepo’s Sermon at RCCG HOLYGHOST CONVENTION “Understanding The Wonders in Praise”

Understanding The Wonders in Praise By Bishop Oyedepo

Understanding The Wonders in Praise By Bishop Oyedepo
Understanding The Wonders in Praise By Bishop Oyedepo


Talk 2: @DavidOyedepoMin Bishop David Oyedepo
Text: Psalm 47:7
Topic: Understanding The wonders in praise

Hallelujah means praise ye the Lord.


What is in Praise?

Most people think praise is the response to the act of God in our life, but we do not only praise God about what he has done, but about what we desire for him to do for us.

We provoke God’s intervention with praise.

Divine virtues in praise that results in wonders that praise provokes in the life of Gods people.

1. The presence of God is in praise. God inhabits the praises of his people in spirit and truth.

Praise is God’s spiritual habitat. Psalm 22:3
Psalm 114:1-9’psalm 29:3; Isaiah 29:21-30
2. The voice of God comes clear in the midst of praise and makes us more than conqueror.

2Sam.5:18-22 Isaiah 30:29:30

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3. God’s presence always attract favour. Acts 2:1-7 Praise is an atmosphere for God to release his favour mark 6:21-23
God unleashes his favour when you praise him to the fullest.
4. Praise provides access into God’s blessings. Psalm 16:11
5. When you praise God, you cannot lack access to revelation that will turn your situation around. Stop complaining, murmuring because they will only complicate your situation. In everything respond with praise because Jesus can not mis-manage your life.
If you murmur against your helper, when will your help come?

Revelation is facilitated by praise.
Everyone dramatic turnaround is a function of his depth of revelation in the Lord

6. Supernatural breakthroughs is in praise 2 chronicles .20:17&22; Joshua 6:20

7. Fresh oil is in praise. Psalm 92:1-2;10 *It takes fresh oil to command impact Psalm 89:20-24

8. 2Chro.5:13-14 The Glory of God is in praise.You will live permanently under the glory cloud. Hab.3:17-19

Praise is not a gift but a commandment

Until you defeat God, you cannot defeat a praising church and christian.

Get a new garment of praise.


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Hey Ya By Muyiwa & Riversongz (Official Audio + Video)

Hey Ya By Muyiwa

Hey Ya By Muyiwa
Hey Ya By Muyiwa

British Nigeria broadcaster and christian singer Muyiwa Olarenwaju is out with a new song – Hey Ya. Recorded Live at the Hammersmith Apollo, London in 2012. This song ‘Hey Ya’ was born from the 100 year Azusa street celebrations in Los Angeles California in 2006. Hey Ya’ catchy melody and tone will facilitate an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord. Muyiwa trusts that this video will bring sunshine into your day, make you dance and shout out loud that God is Good. So get your dancing shoes and let us ‘Hey Ya’

About Muyiwa Olarenwaju

Muyiwa Olarewaju is a British Singer Song writer Broadcaster, the one who is more than most helping to popularize the form and bring it to a wider audience by mixing it up with elements of world music (from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia), soul, R&B and pop.

He is also an experienced performer, broadcaster and presenter. In 2009 he became the first-ever international act to perform on America’s popular entertainment channel, BET, for the prestigious annual Celebration Of Gospel show. He is presenter of the Turning Point programme to an estimated global audience of 70 million and Sounds of Africa plus Jewels of Africa on Airlines like Lufthansa, Kenyan and more. With his group Riversongz he sold out Indigo2 at the O2 in London, and the Apollo with 5000 people the first UK gospel act to do so, and he has played at the largest gospel music event in the world, The Experience, attracting a 500,000 strong audience.

As a broadcaster, he has a late-night show on London’s Premier Christian Radio, the station has an audience of 1.3 million listeners nationwide. He is also Station Director of Premier Gospel and has won numerous awards, including Best Presenter at the Oasis Awards (2006), Best Radio Show and Best Contribution to Gospel Music at the Gospel Music Awards (2009).

Listen to Hey Ya By Muyiwa & Riversongz:
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[Fast Download] Let Love Lead By T-Sharp

Let Love Lead By T-Sharp

Let Love Lead By T-Sharp
Let Love Lead By T-Sharp

Worship leader, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, T-Sharp inspires with a brand new song titled ‘Let Love Lead’, a follow up to hisMy Identity single released earlier this year.

I wrote the song thinking about the power of love, and how we can make this world a better place” T-Sharp Shares, “Heal your heart of malice, hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness, and unpleasant thoughts towards others Let Love Lead you into a sweeter life”

Taiwo Ogobowale, popularly known as T-Sharp is one of Believer’s Loveworld (aka Christ Embassy) highly celebrated songster, music director and vocal Trainer. He is a prolific songwriter and singer.

Listen to Let Love Lead By T-Sharp:


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Silicon: Chemical properties and role in Architecture and Construction

Silicon: Chemical properties and role in Architecture and Construction

Silicon is an electropositive metalloid that is the highest in quantity in the earth’s crust. It is brittle and with a marked metallic luster. Being a group IV element, it has a valency of four, although, in some cases, it may depict bivalent properties. The common chemical behavior that it shows is exhibited when it is electropositive.order assignment online In its more complex structures, it may bond with other elements to yield hexa-coordinated or penta-coordinated compounds. Isotope Silicon-28 is the most abundant with a percentage of 92.2%, Silicon-29 follows with 4.7% and Silicon-30 constitutes the rest (Schmidt, Wittemann, & Gosele, 2010). Silicon-29 is the only isotope used for spectroscopic studies. The majority of the natural isotopes are stable and do not undergo any radioactive decay as opposed to the artificially generated ones that frequently decay to attain stability.

The most notable chemical property of silicon is its ability to participate in chemical bonding, either covalently or through ionic bonding. Being in group four implies that it has four electrons in its valence shell, thus to obtain a stable octet structure, it may lose the four electrons, or gain four from a donor. Nevertheless, the typical reaction involves the sharing of the valence electrons, resulting in the formation strong covalent bonds. When it accepts additional electrons, it may form six or five bonds in a silicate form that is more labile. Silicon in the tetravalent state is somewhat inert, although still reacts with halogens and alkaline solutions of low concentrations (Schmidt, Wittemann, & Gosele, 2010). There has not been an established reactivity with most acids, but a few hyper-reactive mixtures of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. Depending on the chemical environment in which the element is, the four electrons in its outer shell makes it better suited to combine with several compounds or elements.

Silicon finds numerous applications in architecture and construction. The applications become relevant because of is its ability to provide protection for materials since it possesses high resistance to environmental stress and extreme weather conditions. It finds application in the designing of buildings with exteriors that are waterproof and breathable coatings, thus making it possible for the escape of trapped moisture (Copsey et al, 2003). Silicon rubber is used in the designing of facades because of the ability to withstand high temperatures occasioned by the thermal stability it has. The rubber properties remain constant event at elevated temperatures thereby flexibly adhering to the surface to ascertain the durability of the structures. The waterproof property is paramount in its use as a sealant since it wards off degradation and attempt to crack in situations of simulated weathering. In this regard, it resists degradation caused by ultraviolet light.

Silicone, a derivative of silicon has a resilient flexibility that is useful in the bonding of glass on curtain walls made from aluminum. It is imperative that this happens to limit the chances of the breakage of the glasses, thence, seismic flexibility and the reason for its use in the construction of buildings in areas prone to earthquakes (Copsey et al, 2003). Products made from GE silicon are valuable because they exhibit endurance to high fatigue, thus the most suitable for SSG projects because of the longevity they insure.