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New Audio: Alagbara – Almira @okaywaves



Almira, a Nigerian gospel recording artist, releases a new single titled “Alagbara

Written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, The song came to her when she was going through a lot in her life and needed some reassurance from God that He was with her.

In her words, “Alagbara, (The Mighty & Powerful God) is for those who need to know that they are not alone in whatever they are going through. Just stay with God, be consistent in serving him and you will not be disappointed. The God I serve creates something great from what we see and call nothing.” – AlmiraSings

Quotable lyrics:

Our strength, a great healer, you healed the sick, healed the broken   hearted,

you conquered diseases and pain, we look to you, our great physician

You were bruised for our sin, so we can have life, to live again.

My faith has a found a resting place, my hope is in you oh God

Chrous: Alagbara, awi maye hun, arugbo ojo…

Mi o ni fi o sile, mi o ni fi o sile.

Listen to alagbara-almira :
Download alagbara-almira here:



  1. Your track is beautiful. Musically it is awesome. More grease to your elbow and more anointing. It will be my joy to invite you our parish one of these days. I must have played this track more than 20 times yet I continue to love it more and more.


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