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Audio: Kayode Omosa – Trilogy (Eden, Engage & Gbamila)

Trilogy By Kayode Omosa


Kayode Omosa is a renowned scholar and practitioner of music. For over 2 decades he has been performing as an artiste, songwriter, musician, producer, music director, trainer, keynote speaker, life coach and therapist.

He holds B.A performing arts and M.A music and trained in several other areas such as business & projects managements, counseling, psychotherapy etc

Kayode Omosa is currently the music director at RCCG POJ LONDON.

Kayode Omosa releases Trilogy, containing three tracks: Eden, Engage and Gbamila (Save Me).

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Listen to Eden, Engage & Gbamila Here:

Eden By Kayode Omosa

Engage By Kayode Omosa

Gbamila By Kayode Omosa


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