Educational: No Girl Should Go Into Modeling

No Girl Should Go Into Modeling

Ex-Victoria Secret Model Who Dropped Career to Follow Jesus Says No Girl Should Go Into Modeling

Former Maxim and Victoria’s Secret model Nicole Weider shares why she walked away from a lucrative modeling career to follow Jesus and why she’s now using her influence to help other women and girls use their beauty for good.

Weider founded the largest online community for teen girls in 2010 called Project Inspired. The initiative focuses on helping girls find their inner beauty. In 2012 she started a petition on called the “Anti-Cosmo Mission” to combat the dangers posed by Cosmopolitan magazine’s strong sexual content that’s targeted at teenagers.

Below is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with Weider in which she shares why she walked away from modeling to use her experiences to improve girls’ self-esteem and confidence.

Christian Post: Can you share your testimony. You were a model in a very provocative industry, what made you walk away and go another direction?

Weider: I realized that being a model was truly not what it was cracked up to be. I felt degraded, that I was never “perfect” enough, and being judged only on my appearance was hurting my self-esteem. I realized I wanted more for my life. I rediscovered my faith that I had as a little girl, and it changed my life because I was passionate about using my gifts for God instead of the empty modeling industry.

CP: You praised Walmart on their campaign to ensure all retailers require Cosmopolitan to be sold only to those 18 and older. Since openly speaking out about Cosmo targeting teens with adult messaging, what has been the response?

Weider: I am so happy that Walmart has decided to remove Cosmopolitan from the checkout aisles of over 5,000 stores. That is a huge victory. That means thousands of less copies being sold and thousands of less risqué covers being put in front children’s faces. (And teens, and adults too.) It’s a huge victory. I was praying for Cosmo to be removed or limited for so long, and to see this come to pass in God’s perfect timing is just incredible.

CP: What is the message you’d like to leave with young women everywhere?

Weider: That they are beautiful just the way God made them. To not get caught up in the comparison trap. It is too easy on social media to feel like you need to compare yourself to other people. What I do often is, I just make a post about Jesus, and many times I just sign out and not scroll through a lot. To remember that we all have different callings for our lives. We are all uniquely made and equal. My most important advice is to focus on the character of our heart, because that is what matters most to God.

CP: The MeToo movement has gained a lot of traction, what are your thoughts on it?

Weider: I commend the women who have come forward with their experiences and stories. I’m sure many times it wasn’t easy to be vulnerable with other people in fear of being judged. I hope that through this movement men will know that the time is over for sexual misconduct. No woman should have to go through that. If this movement saves even one person from being mistreated and forgotten about then it’s worth it.

CP: Do you believe the industry will change?

Weider: I definitely believe it can change and it is changing. I read recently that directors and producers can no longer hold castings in private hotel rooms or residences, and that meeting and hiring (or interviewing) actresses needs to be in a professional work environment. That men working in the industry (and frankly, all men) will be held accountable for mistreating women, because now women will speak up.

CP: How would you advise young girls who are aspiring to work in the industry?

Weider: Truthfully, I don’t recommend modeling as a profession to any young woman. No matter how beautiful the person is. It’s just not worth it to be judged only on how you look. However, pursuing music, acting or other elements of the industry can definitely be fulfilling if their passion is always focused on what the Lord wants and making choices that are going to honor God. It is possible to be a part of storytelling and movies, and I believe God gave us unique and creative gifts for a purpose.

For instance, I am shooting a faith-based movie this summer, playing a wedding planner named Clara Conover. I’m so excited about playing her and this movie will honor God. It’s possible to pursue your God-given passion but to be a part of projects that are inspiring, good, God-glorifying and uplifting.

CP: What message would you like to leave with men who are constantly being bombarded with secular worldviews?

Weider: I would say to stay in God’s Word daily, [and] to make choices and decisions that honor and glorify God each day. Although none of us are perfect, reading God’s Word and promises can help us all make wise decisions. Also to guard their hearts and minds and stay away from derogatory pictures and videos. Social media and the internet can easily get men caught up in sin. It’s a slippery and scary road that the devil uses and gets people trapped in. Also to surround themselves with other believers that care about their soul and will uplift them and encourage them in their faith.

CP: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our CP audience?

Weider: My main message is this: Jesus loves you and He has a wonderful plan for your life. When I was doing things my way I was always trying and striving but nothing was working. It was only when I let go and Let God (I love that phrase) that my life completely changed for the better, because I made choices that honored Him and gave Him glory. The second thing is to love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said those are the most important commandments and I try to live by them every day.



For more information on Weider and her ministry, visit

Post Copied from Christian Post Home website.

Thoughts on trouble-free plans for phone detective

Take A Look At These Useful Suggestions About Cellular Phones

Investing in a mobile telephone can be quite a scary task for someone missing enough understanding of what is readily available. Considering the significant nature of the task, numerous are curious about understanding more. Thankfully, this short article can serve as a helpful reference for any individual required to get a mobile phone at some point shortly.

Convenient Solutions Of phone tracking Across The Uk

Beware observing video lessons if you’re on LTE or 4G. Most cell phone strategies frequently have a constrained allowance for info. Video eats up this allowance swiftly, which can lead to greater mobile phone charges. Should you talk about the restrict relatively usually, you should get yourself a distinct strategy.

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Stay away from locations with poor cellular phone wedding party. A bad indicate is not only bothersome, also, it is an actual true detective phone commercial deplete on your own battery pack. Even when you’re not utilizing your cellular phone, possessing it excited inside an place that becomes poor cell phone wedding reception can drain your battery fully.

When choosing your cellphone, make sure to take into account bundles. Many companies offer them, and they can include such things as an instance or possibly a car battery charger. It is often cheaper to get each one of these things in a bundle instead of find them as a stand alone, and you will discover a pretty good possibility you may want a number of the components.

Debrand your telephone in order to improve the memory which you have. Which means that you will eliminate all of the designs, logos and images from the business that this concerns, which provides you with a lot more capability to buy ringtones and images off their service providers of cellular phone assistance.

Be careful about your power supply utilization. Seeing videos and video lessons deplete your battery power rapidly. So, does playing songs. In order to do these matters with your telephone, guarantee that you have an endless data strategy and constantly have a charger in close proximity. It will help to actually will not lose assistance.

Were you aware that you save money on cell phone calls to obtain details? While many cellphone organizations charge as much as $1.75 for phoning 411, it is possible to still get information you need by dialing (800)Free411. You will definately get the same info without incurring any other charges on your own cellphone bill.

If you’re worried about cellular phone rays, make use of a head set as opposed to holding your mobile phone for your ear. Every single cellphone arrives prepackaged using a head set, generally. Start making use of it proper out from the box. Think about purchasing a second for your car so that you will usually have a single helpful.

Make use of your cellphone being a sound recorder if you do not would like to take remarks in course. You can easily record the most important points that the trainer is saying as being the school is period and go back to them after the day if you are learning.

A display screen guard is probably not needed. The latest screens usually have a defensive layer already integrated. A monitor protector might make it tough so that you can visit your monitor and even make it tougher so that you can feel and connect with your product. Consequently, when buying your telephone, inquire about the screen and the way it absolutely was intended to evaluate if extra safety is necessary.

Keep your mobile phone near a signal. Burying your phone in a tote or workdesk drawer can impact the indicate energy. When the cell phone performs harder to gain a strong transmission, your life of the battery will decrease. Keep the cell phone inside a spot in which it might easily reach indicate and you will definitely make your battery up.

Clean up the music that you simply do not want on the mobile phone, since this helps you to save a great deal of storage. You can do this by going to your personal computer and getting rid of them through your tunes collection if you utilize iTunes. Once you link your cell phone, it will Sync up and eliminate the unnecessary tracks.

Usually protect your cellphone correctly. Some types could cost a fairly dollar to replace or perhaps repair. Safeguard your display screen with a monitor protector. You should also have a case for it to help you make it secure.

Be sure to verify insurance place for your personal cell phone when you will vacation out of your location. You know the location where the finest indicate is in house. The truth is, the policy nearby might be great. Having said that, in the event you travel outside your downtown place, you could find no protection in between places or in different locations.

Will not leave multiple webpage open on the web web browser on your mobile phone. If you can find display graphics on the web page, this can eat up the storage you have, particularly. Close out all the internet pages that you check out when you finish off in order to preserve memory space on your mobile phone.

Avoid making use of any type of animated background for your phone’s wallpapers. Choose something a little bit more simplistic as your phone’s backdrop if you’re concerned about your phone’s life of the battery. Any sort of gif will probably deplete your battery pack quicker compared to a regular snapshot when your history would.

Should you don’t written text, don’t pay money for texting. In the event you don’t actually use them, Sending text messages strategies waste cash. You can find apps that will enable you to textual content. If you’re utilizing an apple iphone, you can utilize iMessage to text message other The apple company consumers at no charge, also.

Talk with your friends about the best cellphone service providers in your region. Not all cellphone provider could have the best insurance within your city or neighborhood. Deciding on the incorrect one can bring about old areas at your residence and although touring. A bit legwork could help you save lots of inconvenience.

If you want to reduce your full mobile phone costs price, turn to online systems like to help. This web site allows you to limit what aspects of your strategy you really want. It shows you where you’ve got body fat you may cut. This may mean $300+ back again in your pocket yearly.

For most, being forced to just go get yourself a new mobile phone is one thing that happens fear in their center. The great quantity of options and choices can make everything seem to be ipopssible. But, by heeding the assistance offered over, anyone ought to have what it takes to obtain a efficient cell phone in a fantastic price.

Download Music: Oh papa By Jo-E Musik

Oh papa By Jo-E Musik
Oh papa By Jo-E Musik

Oh papa By Jo-E Musik

Gospel sensational Musician Jo-E Musik, is out a new dance song Oh Papa.

The Obrigado crooner opined “that his Music ministry revolves around gratitude to God for the countless and daily loads of benefits” – Jo-E Musik

Jo E shares a short testimony of his life, how people gave up on his survival, but God showed up to be everything no one could ever be to him.

After listening to this song, Oh Papa will be your new song when God shocks you!!!
This song was Produced by the same gifted producer who produced the hit single that became a renown praise song all over the world, OBRIGADO.

Dedicated to his Mum, Late. Mrs. Elizabeth Joseph, who was one of the pillars God used to raise him up until May 21st 2017.

Trust me you will be dancing to this praise Jam real soon.

Click the link below to download, enjoy and share!

Oh papa By Jo-E Musik:


Music: Praise in Zion By Agabaidu Emmanuel

Praise in Zion By Agabaidu Emmanuel

Praise in Zion By Agabaidu Emmanuel
Praise in Zion By Agabaidu Emmanuel

Agabaidu Emmanuel is a Gospel music minister highly favoured by God. He is an ardent and engraced worshiper with a unique anointing that brings down God’s Presence during ministration. Many lives have been blessed via his anointed songs.
Here is another scintillating product from this rare gem titled ” Praise in Zion” please fasten your seat belt as you embark on a joyous and remarkable flight on the wings of the Holy ghost into the very Presence of the Most High God as you download, listen and share with loved ones.

Click the link below for FREE Download, enjoy and share!

Praise in Zion By Agabaidu Emmanuel:


Music: Atobiju – Ola feat. Adeyinka Alaseyori @onabajoolawale

Atobiju By Ola feat. Adeyinka Alaseyori

Atobiju By Ola feat. Adeyinka Alaseyori
Atobiju By Ola feat. Adeyinka Alaseyori
Ola release her final track for 2017 titled Atobiju while featuring Adeyinka Alaseyori. This New Year Eve, the Splendour Music first lady, Ola features the sonorous Adeyinka Alaseyori on this Afrocentric praise song titled Atobiju (The Greatest) in adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ for the numerous wonders He continues to do.

Both artistes take time to glorify Him with beautiful verses, calling in deep-rooted names and titles, declaring His works and praise. The Yoruba talking-drums join in the rendering of praise. Get this beautiful song produced by the prolific Rocky Tee.

The very eventful year where she won multiple awards, released songs and videos, hosted her annual TALEAH Concert and did many great things deserves one more song before it rolls away. Not minding the fact that Ola dropped a street cred GBA! on Christmas Day.
Ola Releases New Music “Atobiju” feat. Adeyinka Alaseyori.

Click below to download, enjoy and share!

Atobiju By Ola feat. Adeyinka Alaseyori:


New Music: Jesus My Redeemer By Kayode Omosa @DunacKay @OkaywavesRecord

Jesus My Redeemer By Kayode Omosa

It is rather shocking that vast majority of the  songs we sing (past and present) in the body of Christ does not describe who we truly are in Christ. It is either full of contradictions, raising false hopes or containing shady expressions born out of ignorance, unbelief or servant mentality. The bible says clearly that “we have come to Zion, the city of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem and to an innumerable company of angels…” (Heb 12:22). So, we are no longer  hoping for heaven, “we have come”, we no longer sing as servants we have been accepted, sanctified and adopted into the family of the Living God as SONS. For all the promises of God has been fulfilled in Christ (2 Cor 1:20). So we are complete in Him, one who is our redeemer, prototype of the new creation, JESUS the mediator of the new covenant.
Produced by the Prolific Gospel Dance-hall General @kstereo
Click the link below to download, enjoy and share!
Jesus My Redeemer By Kayode Omosa:


This medley of songs is a typical new creation praise songs that reveals exact, accurate and precise knowledge of God and in whom we live move and have our being.

Music: ONYE DIKAGI – Lord Louis @okaywavesrecord




Lord Louis  is a dynamic worshiper. he dishes out both worship and inspirational song. When he ministers miracles happen,the heart of many beat for God and they hunger for more experience with God in worship. He is a prolific artist and A music producer, He has produced great songs we sing in the Body of Christ Today. His music has blessed millions of people and is a must hear for all.

Click the link below to download, enjoy and share!

ONYE DIKAGI By Lord Louis:


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Audio: You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr @JekalynCarr

You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr

You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr

You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr

“You Will Win” from the forthcoming album “1 Nation Under God”

Click the link below to Download, Enjoy and Share!


You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr:


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