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Aiku Aisa by Olumide Emmanuel

Aiku Àìsá – Olumide Emmanuel [FREE Mp3 DOWNLOAD]

Olumide Emmanuel, Nigeria gospel music minister and passionate worshiper releases new single titled Aiku Àìsá produced by George Daniel.

Aiku Àìsá is an expression in Yoruba language, a tribe predominant to the western part of Nigeria which translates to “It never dies, It never fades”

“There are times in Life when Life presents itself as blurry and dark with no glimpse of what lies ahead and how to go from the present and we are often perturbed with the thoughts, fears, worries, uncertainties on our journey of becoming.
I received the inspiration for the song Aiku Àìsá in one of those moments. In my tears, as I wept profusely searching for answers, It came heavy in my heart that God never fails and his timings are always perfect.
I came to the conclusion that in fulfilling purpose , direction and satisfaction solely rests upon knowing and believing no other name but the name of Jesus.
Aiku Àìsá rekindles the hope for tomorrow. Aiku Àìsá speaks of your Rest in the finished work of Christ. Aiku Àìsá brings your passion and trust alive in Christ Alone”He says.

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Aiku Aisa by Olumide Emmanuel:


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