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BamiDav – I Got The Power

BamiDav – I Got The Power (Video + Free Audio Download)

Gospel artiste BamiDav releases the official video for his hit single. I Got The Power. Some years back he never believed that he can do something great, when ever he sees great people doe something great, its just like a magic to him.

Then he was going through hardship, Oppressed and intimidated in many ways, until one day he got the revelation from scripture “Philippians 2:13 & 4:13″ that said, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me,

He said

That very day the giant in me rose up, i discovered myself right away, I said within me, ” I can !!!”. I put myself to work, I was not relent until I get it done. Since when I received the Revelation of “I Got The Power” things turned around for good, and this was how “I Got The Power” came. (Directed By Kingdomboiz Media)

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Lyrics BamiDav – I Got The Power

I Got The Power_by BamiDav.

Call: It is God that worketh in me both to will and to do… eh eh

Resp: I Got the Power)2x.

Call: I can do all things through Him that strengthen me…. eh eh

Resp: I Got the Power)2x.

Call: It is God that worketh in me both to will and to do…oooh

Resp: I Got the Power)2x.

Call: I can do all things through Him that strengthen me….oooh

Resp: I Got the Power)2x

Lead Voc: Oppressed and intimidate by the power of this world,
Until I got to know it,
Back up: That He that worketh in me is greater than the world.

Lead Voc: He’s greater than the whole world and bigger than the biggest,
No one can hinder me,
No one can storm me,
‘cos I got the power!, got the power!! got the power!!!
God is by my side no one can bring me down o.
Chorus Repeat…….

Lead Voc: No shaking, No fear, No doubt,
No sickness, No dull, No death.
Look me, look me, look me well
Look me, look me, looking good
Call: I live large like ….
Resp: Kingkong
Call: In my mighty Father…..
Resp: Kingdom
Call: I will never ever……
Resp: Bothered
Call: Cos I having Him as my….
Resp: Father
‘Cos I got the power! got the power!! got the power!!!
M’olagbara ninu Oluwa, Agbara nla.
Chorus Repeat…..

I’m a survival, I’m gonna move it on,
I shall touch the sky, so shall it be.
I’m destined for a purpose
It shall be fulfilled,
This is who I am today, tomorrow a better days.

Chorus Repeat….. Till fade
It is written, dedicate power to many that believe in Him, do you believe? Come on receive it.

Kstereo is an African Gospel Musician, Choir Director, Voice Coach, Author, Blogger, Music Promoter and Gospel Waves Producer and is most notably known as the gospel dance hall GENERAL of this century. Kstereo (Olafusi Kayode Meshach) is a talented, refined multiactive young soul.

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