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Download God Is By GreatFaith @greatfaitha



Download God Is By Greatfaith


Nigerian gospel music minister, song writer and composer Amara Faith Anazodo well known as GreatFaith debuts her latest single titled “God Is.”

Sharing the story behind the song she says: “This song was divinely inspired when I was waiting on the Lord in December 2018, at SHILOH. I woke up early hours in the morning of the last day of my fast with this song in my mouth.

“This song came with the answers to my prayers and many questions. I found out that there is no better way to explain God because He is unexplainably everything we can ever ask or imagine! He is God! God is Jehovah Everything!”

The song was produced Simeon Maro.

Be blessed by it and kindly share.

Click the link below to download God is By Greatfaith:

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LYRICS: God is By Greatfaith

I was asked to explain God
I was asked to tell who God is
Who God is
Who is God
I simply said
God is Jehovah
God is Jehovah
Jehovah is God
Jehovah is God
God is Jehovah
God isJehovah
Jehovah is God
Is God
Can you join me sing
Repeat solo

Jehovah impossibility specialist
Jehovah creator of the universe sing
Jehovah you call those things that are not
As though they were

God is Jehovah x2 (call and response)
God is Jehovah x2 (call and response)
Jehovah is God x2 (call and response)
Jehovah is God x2 (call and response)
God is Jehovah (yes He is)
God is Jehovah) (Nobody like you God)
Jehovah is God (Jehovah is God)
Is God (Your God)

Who made the blind eye see
Jehovah (miracle worker)
Jehovah (God of impossibility you are)
Jehovah (oh ho ho yeah)
You set the captives free
Jehovah (oh ho yes you did)
Jehovah (even the lawful captives you delivered)
Jehovah (oh ho hoo ye)
You heal the sick
And raised the dead
You walked upon the sea
Jehovah( you still do it today)
Jehovah (oh yeah he he he he)
You change my life
You change my world
Lifter of my head
Jehovah (You keep changing my story)
Jehovah (its getting (better x4) everyday)
Jehovah (from glory to glory)
Jehovah (You keep moving me higher)
Jehovah (I can’t imagine where you brought me from and where I’m now)
Jehovah (your name is Jehovah Jireh)
Jehovah (You are Jehovah Nissi)
Jehovah (Jehovah x4)
Jehovah (yeah)
God is Jehovah (call and response)
You are alpha and omega
God is Jehovah
The Beginning and The End
Jehovah is God
Without you nothing was made that was made
Jehovah is God
God is
God is Jehovah (Sovereign God)
God is Jehovah (You hold the world in your hands)
Jehovah is God (The heaven is your throne the earth your foot stool God)
Is God (Jehovah)

God is Jehovah
God is Jehovah
Jehovah is God
Jehovah is God
God is Jehovah
God is Jehovah
Jehovah is God
Jehovah is God
Yea he he He’s God.

GreatFaith who has remianed a gospel music fr childhood till date.


Instagram: @Greatfaith.Amara

Twitter: @GreatfaithA

Facebook: Anazodo Faith Amara


Kstereo is an African Gospel Musician, Choir Director, Voice Coach, Author, Blogger, Music Promoter and Gospel Waves Producer and is most notably known as the gospel dance hall GENERAL of this century. Kstereo (Olafusi Kayode Meshach) is a talented, refined multiactive young soul.


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