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Kuyak Mfre Abasi BY Fada VIT

Kuyak Mfre Abasi – Fada VIT (FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)

Multi-instrumentalist, Missionary a gospel music singer Fada VIT comes out with an audio/video single titled Kuyak Mfre Abasi. The single is rendered in the Efik dialect of the South South of Nigeria. The title “Kuyak Mfre Abasi” translates ‘May I never forget God’. It is a prayer, as well as a declaration saying, come what may, God remains supreme the source of life.
The instrumentation, beautifully crafted by the dexterity of Wilson Joel (Music Magnate), is very contemporary, but has elements of folk music such as the twin gong, ekwe, the flute and even clap. It is sung in a sing-along style so as to allow participation.

Fada Vit is a missionary who is passionate about music. He is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar, piano and saxophone.

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Kuyak Mfre Abasi BY Fada VIT:


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