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God is My Muscle By Seyi Tom @iamseyitom



God is My Muscle By Seyi Tom

Gospel minister Seyi Tom release a new single titled “God is My Muscle”, following the release of “Arugbo Ojo” , “Amazing Grace” and “Centre Of My Joy” off his upcoming album titled ” I Declare”.

“This song is a declaration of faith, hope and assurance based on the Word of God, to encourage someone, irrespective of the suggestions of the apparent current realities. For we live by faith and not by sight” – Seyi Tom

God is My Muscle production is by the prolific music producer Segigo the Mustard Breed Studio.

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Watch God is My Muscle By Seyi Tom Lyrics Video:

GOD IS MY MUSCLE: Lyrics by Seyi Tom



The race is not to the swift

Nor battle to the strong

Neither bread to the wisest of men

Nor riches to the brilliant

Nor favour to the skilled

But time and chance happen to them all

Pre Chorus

My time is in His hands

My chance’s in His hands

For by strength no man prevails

But God’s power never fails


God is my muscle

I need not struggle

Not by power nor by might says the lord

But by His spirit

I have the victory

Come on join me Let us magnify His name

Repeat verse

Repeat pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus


Eeyah eeh eeyahhh

Eeyah eeh eeyah ahhhhhh

Repeat chorus

The End.

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IG/Twitter: @iamseyitom


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