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A Ghanaian who has been operating an illegal hospital for 23 years has been discovered by the police in Mafoluku area of Lagos State.

It was learnt that the operator of the hospital Hayfore Adu – Peprah, reportedly came into Nigeria as a nursing tutor in 1982 before establishing the illegal facility 14 years after in 1996.

His deeds however got busted after a patient lost her baby after visiting the hospital in September due to swollen legs.

“The nurse asked her to go for another scan which she did when she came back one of the nurses directed her to go to a general hospital when she got there she spent two days there before they transferred her to Ayinke House Ikeja.

“Two weeks later I came back here to ask the doctor what happened, he said that he knew the baby (of his relative) had died in her womb for 2 weeks but didn’t know how to tell her”.

Upon interrogation, Hayfore denied taking up the title of a “doctor”.

Channels Television reported that the illegal hospital operator who claimed he is suffering from hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease could not also certificate he claimed to have obtained before operating the private nurisng home.

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